Details of 1/4OZ ~ 3OZ Thickness ED Copper Foil for EMI Shie

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We delivers a wide range of copper and its alloy products to demanding customers in the electro-technical industry. In the last ten years we have developed into one of the leading Chinese suppliers of copper

Shanghai Canhu Industry Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Canhu Industry Co.,Ltd established in 2006. We work at developing, producing and circulating metallic materials. Our businesses reach to North and South American, European and Asian main markets. We take location advantage, integrate global resources and exploit worldwide market, aim at supplying our customers with high quality products and the best services so much so that we can be the leader of global metallic material area.

Our product-range includes copper and copper alloy in the shape of foil, strip and sheet with a great variety of standards, ingredients and purposes. Our products have broadly been used in aviation, space industry, shipbuilding, military industry, metallurgy, electronics industry, electric goods producing, telecommunications, decoration engineering, plumbing and sanitary.

material##. During this period we were able to make use of decades of experience from contacts with our customers,responding specifically to individual wishes and guaranteeing top-quality products.

With the company healthy developing, we equip ourselves with advanced production equipments and high-tech measuring instruments. We continuously improve our technique and facilities to keep our edge in this industry. Our R&D section has been working at the development of new metallic materials in order to enhance the core competence of the corporation. We also love to hear good ideas from our customers and employees, because we believe that the idea is the key to the future, ideas perfect life!

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